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  • Dryer drum for drying of any loose, the drying equipmen

Dryer drum for drying of any loose, the drying equipmen

Dryer drum for drying of any loose, the drying equipmen
  • Dryer drum for drying of any loose, the drying equipmen
  • Dryer drum for drying of any loose, the drying equipmen
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from 341000 UAH(15830 USD)
Wholesale: 341000 UAH(15830 USD) from 1 pcs
Country of manufacture:Ukraine

The dryer drum, various modifications for drying loose with a productivity from 100 kg to 50 tn. in an hour depending on a type of raw materials and its humidity.

Classical drying unit. Its main advantage — universality. In the drum dryer drying practically of any materials with sizes from 50 microns (microns) to pieces of 100-150 mm in size is possible., and humidity from 1 to 70-80%.

Our dryer drums can be aggregated with the heatgenerators using as gaseous fuel (natural gas, propane - butane mix) liquid (diesel fuel, fuel oil, various synthetic boiler/oven fuels, water coal fuel), firm (wood fire chambers, coal fire chambers, installations of coal-dust inflation). In service and technological the heatgenerators using natural gas are the easiest. They are completely automated, do not demand constant control. The only shortcoming - the cost of natural gas in Ukraine. Cost of drying is much higher, than during the work on solid fuels or liquid. The most essential economy can reach using the heatgenerators using solid fuel. Among them there is most the best ratio the price / the received sebestoimost*tekhnologichnost has the heatgenerator on coal-dust fuel. However they have essential shortcomings. So, for example all solid propellant heatgenerators demand presence of the fireman, for timely supply of fuel and cleaning of ashes. Process automation can not always solve this problem or is very expensive to many customers. When using the heatgenerator on firewood it is necessary to control constantly humidity of the arriving firewood as otherwise it will be impossible to reach necessary thermal power for drying process. The constant big warehouse is also necessary for firewood and the site of preparation of firewood (unloading, sawing up, sorting). For example, for the 1-1,5 MW heatgenerator, the necessary amount of firewood makes 25-30 cubic meters a day that is equivalent to 1 truck. Thus it turns out that depending on desire and needs of the customer the option like the used heatgenerator is not always obvious. It is sometimes more expedient to put the heatgenerator using diesel fuel, or natural gas and not to have excess efforts.

Also on by heatgenerator are necessary for operation of the dryer drum the smoke exhauster which provides a suction of necessary air for burning, its passing via the dryer drum, a cyclone and evacuation of the evaporated moisture. The smoke exhauster with necessary parameters pays specially off, projected and made for each productivity in tons per hour, taking into account humidity on an entrance and at the exit from the dryer drum, rheological properties of material, porosity and so forth.

The third necessary element for the correct conducting process of drying of materials is existence of a pyleosazhdayushchy cyclone. Many materials very much raise dust and therefore demands system of dust precipitation. Parameters of a cyclone depend on productivity of the dryer drum, amount of the deleted moisture from material, like the heatgenerator. Therefore in each separate case depending on a complete set, we select cyclones individually.

Upon purchase of the equipment in our company we provide all necessary documents - the registration certificate, the operation manual, schemes of installation and aggregation with giving and unloading of material. Also we provide any feasible advice in execution of the project documentation for coordination with government institutions.

Guarantee - 12 months. Upon termination of a guarantee - service with discounts.

The price is specified only the dryer drum of the minimum configuration. Are not included the heatgenerator, a cyclone, the smoke exhauster in the price.

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Noise level: 50-55 dB
Productivity: 0,1-50 t/h
Type of dryer:Convective drying
Information is up-to-date: 19.02.2018

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