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Silo equipment

Custom order, 30 days | Wholesale and retail 
393000 UAH(15500 USD)
Wholesale: 393000 UAH(15500 USD) from 1 pcs
Zernosushilka (a dryer drum for grain) for drying of grain of wheat, sunflower, soy, rye, barley, etc. Productivity is from 2 tons to 20 tons per hour. Fuel — gas, diesel fuel, solid fuel — pellets, firewood. Design and production of dryers.Zernosushilka for drying of grain of wheat, sunflower,...
Group: Grain dryer
Grain loader
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
5995 UAH(250 EUR)
Wholesale: 5995 UAH(220 EUR) from 1 pcs
Handlers, forklift grain. Conveyors, scraper type TSC, UTP, with capacity from 0.5 to 500 tons per hour.  Our company develops and manufactures various equipment for loading / unloading of cars, cars, ships, including custom. On the basis of the scraper, belt conveyors offer solutions for...
Group: Elevator equipment
Grain cooler
Custom order, 35 days | Wholesale and retail 
215000 UAH(7500 EUR)
Wholesale: 215000 UAH(7500 EUR) from 2 pcs
Cooler grain. An apparatus for cooling hot grain after drying. Our company offers the latest in grain coolers, characterized by low power consumption and high cooling rate. How to improve the performance of the dryer? If you want to increase the performance of your grain dryers, sites / complexes...
Group: Grain dryer


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