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  • The drying unit of the boiling layer

The drying unit of the boiling layer

The drying unit of the boiling layer
  • The drying unit of the boiling layer
  • The drying unit of the boiling layer
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from 360000 UAH(20500 USD)
Wholesale: 360000 UAH(20500 USD) from 1 pcs
Country of manufacture:Ukraine

The drying unit for drying loose with a productivity from 100 kg to 10 tn. in an hour.

The universal drying unit differing in high efficiency and small dimensions. The most economic way of drying and the most minimum expense of heat on removal of % of moisture. Approaches for loose dimension from 0,5mm, to 10 mm. and humidity from 1 to 50%.

The main feature of this device - high I will eat moisture from unit of volume of the drying unit thanks to what the device sizes with other things being equal in comparison with dryer drums are 2,5-3,5 times less.

Requirements to drying materials. The main requirement - narrower particle size distribution. For example, for drying of sand it is 0,3-1,5 mm. For the domain granulated slag it is 0,5-3 mm. In this case the unit can be adjusted for work with the minimum carrying out of dust that considerably will reduce capital investments in system of cleaning of dust and gas elimination. In case of broad particle size distribution, for example - 0,1 - 5 mm., in the course of drying there will be a considerable carrying out of dust because considerable speeds of flows of the thermal agent for ensuring "boiling" will be required for large particles, and for small particles these speeds will be zapredelna, as will lead to considerable carrying out of dust.
Also materials for drying should not stick together and be strongly damp (more than 60% of humidity). For this reason, for example, drying of sawdust humidity more than 60% is not expedient.

Materials for which this type of the drying unit will be most optimum it:
- sand;
- the domain granulated slag;
- granotsev;
- foodstuff (casein, lecithin, grain flakes, coffee cake, and other products, not too inclined to adhesion);
- products of organic chemistry (granules, flakes of PVH, PET, PEND, PEVD, mineral fertilizers - a carbamide, ammophos and many others).

It is also necessary to note that this type of the drying unit optimum works only at liquid and/or gaseous fuel. Electric heating is also possible.

Guarantee – 12 months. All documents - technical data sheet, the operation manual. Upon termination of a guarantee – service with discounts.

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 19.02.2018

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